Experience the Ingenuity of the Audi Q7

The ingenious engineering of Audi has long been known to provide the best technology innovation in the automobile industry. The 2018 Audi Q7 is no exception to this ingenuity. This premium mid-size SUV boasts a myriad of forward-thinking technology features including the patented MMI all-in-touch system, enabling the driver to write their command and selection. The available active lane assist system uses a rearview camera and advanced software to help guide drivers.

The Audi technology experts at Audi Albuquerque are eager to demonstrate to you all of the innovative features...


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Find yourself behind the wheel of the A5 Coupe

The 2018 Audi A5 Coupe builds years of popularity as a luxury coupe. With a redesigned exterior, and a sleek interior, we here at Audi Albuquerque are excited to introduce this coupe to you.

The quattro AWD system helps to optimize the performance of the A5 by sending the power the wheels need to grip the road under changing conditions.

Your Audi A5 adapts to the road by utilizing a series of sensors that send data to the computer to increase handling without touching a button.

Under the hood of the A5 is a 252 horsepower turbocharged engine that provides…

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Music is Wonderful in the Audi A7!

The Audi A7 is revered for its popular design and technology packages. When driving the A7 the sound system is a great way to relax and enjoy the ride. This Audi also features a smartphone interface that is top-notch!

The A7 offers the BOSE premium surround sound system to its driver and passengers. This sound system is 630 watts of clear and powerful tunes that come from 14 speakers. There is also a 10 channel amplifier to get the sound just the way you like it!

Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to access your smartphone's features…

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Driver Assistance Technology in the Audi A5 Sportback

The Audi A5 is a luxury vehicle that is reliable and comfortable. It makes a great car for those who want a passenger sedan that has responsive steering and an eye catching exterior design. The A5 provides you with important driver assistance technologies.

The Audi A5 offers Rear Cross Traffic Assist. This system is designed to monitor the area to the rear of your vehicle when you are backing up. If traffic is detected coming your way, you will be given a...

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Safer Maneuvering in the Audi A6

The Audi A6 is a beautiful luxury sedan crowned by available LED headlights and a distinctive Singleframe® grille. Inside its four doors like seating for up to five in available Valcona leather with contrast stitching. To highlight the interior are available Archat Gray Fine Grain inlays made from Birch Wood. Standard on all trims are inlays made of Dark Brown Walnut Wood.

To make maneuvering in tight spaces more convenient, the top view camera can produce a virtual 360° view from the top of the sedan, complete with guidelines so you can predict where your car is backing into. 


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The Audi Has Options for Teen Drivers

When teens are learning how to drive in heavily populated areas where other cars are found, the slightest error could cause a fender bender. During driving situations in parking zones and on busy streets, a new teen driver can commute confidently to various destinations while operating an Audi A3. The major feature that gives a teen advantages in risky areas is the traffic assist, which is beneficial because this technology works well with the emergency braking tool.

Audi's traffic assist helps a teen effectively scope the surroundings during cruising situations in parking areas and...

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Understanding Motor Oil Myths

With so many motor oil myths lingering from the past, it’s hard to know fact from fiction. Stop at Audi Albuquerque and speak with our qualified professionals about oil changes or any other automotive concerns you may have.

One common motor oil myth is that motor oil needs to be changed if it’s black. As the motor oil lubricates the engine, which is its job, it’s also picking up dirt and debris. Because it's doing its job, it may be black. Consequently, the filter is going to get dirty, too. If you don’t replace it…

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Check out the luxury of the Audi Q3

When you are checking out cars in Albuquerque, you are likely going to notice that the Audi Q3 is getting more popular all the time. This is quickly becoming the most popular luxury subcompact SUV on the market today thanks to all the features it packs in tight.

Chief among those features is the ability to not only handle the city streets but also handle the open roads and the places that don't even have roads thanks to the Quattro four-wheel drive system that is meant to give people a stable ride even when the ground isn't stable…

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You May Need New Tires

Good tires on your vehicle provide proper traction and a smooth ride. If your tires go bad, they could go flat or cause driving difficulty. Before a serious tire problem arises, you may want to get your tires changed.

If you notice that your tires are wearing down on the edges, or if your tires have excessive wear in the middle, it is time to get new tires for your car. If you notice any lumps in the tires or any bare place in the tread, you should get new tires put on as soon as possible. If you have…

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Don't Lose Control of Your Vehicle Because of Hydroplaning

Harsh rain conditions can do more than limit your visibility while driving. Roads that are wet can cause your car to hydroplane if you aren't careful. Driving too fast or having bad tires will cause your car to lose control on wet roads. To see if your tires are acceptable, bring your car to Audi Albuquerque and have a technician check out your tires.

If you need new tires, we will recommend tires that are right for your car and driving needs. In addition, you can have your tires rotated if it isn't time to get new tires…
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