The Sophisticated Audi S4

Audi is a name that's synonymous with sophisticated design. The new Audi S4 continues that tradition. The popular sports sedan has a beautifully designed exterior. It features a modern shape that helps to cement the car's sporty roots. Drivers can take a closer look at the S4 at Audi Albuquerque.

The body of the S4 features sculpted lines. The lines on the front hood help to redirect airflow as you drive. They also adding a unique contrast to the smooth, sloping profile of the hood. The lines continue around the sides of the car and meet on the rear.

On the back of the S4, a lip spoiler is seamlessly integrated on the trunk door. It helps to reduce drag and enhance your performance. Below that, you'll find angular LED tailights. They mirror the headlights in design while complementing the trunk's shape. Four exhaust outlets are also included. They're covered in a shiny mirror chrome finish.



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