The Audi Has Options for Teen Drivers

When teens are learning how to drive in heavily populated areas where other cars are found, the slightest error could cause a fender bender. During driving situations in parking zones and on busy streets, a new teen driver can commute confidently to various destinations while operating an Audi A3. The major feature that gives a teen advantages in risky areas is the traffic assist, which is beneficial because this technology works well with the emergency braking tool.

Audi's traffic assist helps a teen effectively scope the surroundings during cruising situations in parking areas and throughout general driving routines on crowded roads with multiple paths. This technology uses sensors that can detect objects in the environment. When the system needs to alert a teen driver, an LED light will illuminate in the cabin. If a teen can't use the brake quickly in order to avoid a possible collision, the automatic braking system for emergencies will activate.

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