Don't Lose Control of Your Vehicle Because of Hydroplaning

Harsh rain conditions can do more than limit your visibility while driving. Roads that are wet can cause your car to hydroplane if you aren't careful. Driving too fast or having bad tires will cause your car to lose control on wet roads. To see if your tires are acceptable, bring your car to Audi Albuquerque and have a technician check out your tires.

If you need new tires, we will recommend tires that are right for your car and driving needs. In addition, you can have your tires rotated if it isn't time to get new tires.

When the roads are wet because of rain, drive slower than normal. Pay attention to those around you and give yourself enough room if you need to stop fast. Corners are a common place to hydroplane, so take corners more slowly. Driving with caution can keep you safe on the road even while hydroplaning.
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